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A Little Cockney Teaser

A little cockney teaser. Clue: it’s about my drinking days and the joy of sobriety 😉

Days-a-Dawning Manhole Covers and Skin and Blisters 🙋🏻‍♀️
I used to be an Elephant Trunk and, every night, I would be Brahms and Liszt. I could get Uncle Willy, Dads Army and/or Alan Border. But mostly, I fell Bo-Peep on my Kangaroo Pouch. This happened daily in the Cat and Mouse and I would Duck and Dive the Kitchen Sink. I’m ashamed to say, sometimes, I’d get in the Jam Jar and Bee Hive to the Bottle of Pop, avoiding the Bottle Stoppers for more Calvin Klein. I’d ignore the Fisherman’s Daughter in my taps.
Occasionally, I’d take a Ball of Chalk, down the Frog and Toad to the Rub-a-Dub (The Near and Far) for a Tumble Down the Kitchen Sink. I’d also stand outside, in the Pleasure and Pain, taking Collar and Cuffs on my Oily Rags (the slang for what we call cigarettes in the UK – just thought I’d clarify 😉)
Some nights, I’d end up on my Bottle and Glass and, every Dawning, my Lump of Lead would be splitting. My New Delhi would be queasy and I was permanently Cream Crackered. Many work days were lost due to being Tom and Dick. And as for the Fish Tank …. I was always short of Bees and Honey.
For a long time, I was in the River Nile but, then I got Lemon Tart and started an Unscheduled Meeting of the Bag of Yeast. My Hattie Jaques have gone, my Bo-Peep is improving (and is actually in my Born and Bred – Uncle Ned just didn’t sound right here! 😉)
My Boat Race looks younger and my Mince Pies are shining. Once I get my Hampstead Heath fixed my Sandy Lyle will be fully back in place. My Jam Tart is now full of love and happiness. My memory is no longer Ricardo Patrese. I love my Rosey Leas and Melton Toffee. I feel Adam Faith and, at last I feel I am at the Gates of Rome.
And here’s the Barry Crocker – I cannot find a rhyming slang for sober 🤷🏻‍♀️ #cockneyrhymingslang #cockney #alcohol #sobriety

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The Compassionate Mind Workbook

As part of my self care and progress, I’m reading lots of sobriety and therapy books. But I haven’t posted this on the wrong page ….,

Page 4
‘Reptilian brain. In fact, they sometimes joke that the function of this old part of the brain is linked to the four F’s: feeding, fighting, fleeing ….. and having sex’
I’m sitting here thinking for ages “but sex doesn’t begin with F” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

#hunour #ditzy #therapy #thecompassionatemind #chrisirons #Elainebeaumont

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Mindfulness for relaxation, sleep, worrying thoughts, anxiety and pain

A ditzy discovery! After 3 years of wondering why people couldn’t search for my YouTube Mindfulness recording t by title, I have finally discovered I had it set to private. It is now public so sit back, relax and enjoy. I have updated title for a quicker and easer search:

Mindfulness by Corinna Alderton

Please also feel free to share. If you subscribe to my channel you can also see some other videos which you might find supportive #mindfulness #pain #anxiety #sleep #mentalhealth #relaxation


Crohn’s help wanted please

Does anyone have any experience of Stelara for Crohn’s? Infliximab and azathioprine have not worked for my son. He has had 30cm removed and a re-section 2 1/2 years ago but ulcerated again within 6 weeks. He wants a bag and his life back. It is not “optional” despite sepsis from treatment and exclusions from many jobs (fire brigade and police due to toilet needs (army a no no even with a bag for this one)) Or is MAP vaccine live yet? Or has anyone had experience of stem cell and neonatal cell transplants either here or abroad. I am willing to pay to go abroad if need be. Please please leave your feedback below so o can research more. He will always be my baby boy no matter how old (he’s 24 😉) Thank you #crohns #crohnstreatment #stemcelltreatment #mapvaccine #stelara


Summer Solstice

Happy Litha everyone. I got up at 4am and got to Ness Point for 4.29, the most easterly point in the UK, to watch an amazing sunrise on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. It was the busiest I’d ever seen it with people travelling up from London and the West Country to celebrate what is not commonly known as the summer solstice. They would not have been disappointed. It was the best one I’ve seen in the last 5 years. Embrace and enjoy your day and to any Oak and Holly Kings out there; have fun, stay safe, and Oaks let your ego go the Holly King is the winner at midsummer. Blessed be. #nesspoint #lowestoft #summersolstice #litha #pagan #witches

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Knitting update

So yesterday I posted this on my Living positively with fibromyalgia blog:

Knitting for Hand Joints and Christmas

I do have some hair brain ideas like going line dancing or tap dancing and travelling Europe in a Camper van. Everyone waits patiently until I come to the realisation that I cannot actually physically do this.

My latest idea, however, is a good one on principle. I’m going to teach myself to knit and I’m starting with bed socks as Christmas pressies. Granted, they will no doubt have extra holes in than those just at the top but that will make people laugh!

I have the wool, a free kindle book on knitting socks and today my bamboo knitting needles arrived from Amazon. They are extra light and smooth and apparently good for people with joint problems.

Now to get the hands and brain exercising.

And then today I read my kindle – apparently I need circular needles 🤣🤣 Scarves it is then!

#knitting #bedsocks #christmas #homemadepressies #fibromyalgia #exercise

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Wine Wine Wine

How lovely. Hubby bought me a bottle of wine in the way home from work.

5 minutes later:

Hubby: You’re drinking wine

Me: Well you bought it for me

Hubby: I thought you might save it for the weekend

Me (spitting out wine): Pah ha ha ha. You’re so funny

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